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Welcome to Attic Conversions Cork, a leading construction service in Cork. At Attic Conversions Cork, our clients are matched with a team of excellent attic conversion specialists who have decades’ worth of experience in construction and remodeling. Our team uses top-notch products and technology to create the vision you want.

We work within stringent industry and government guidelines and ensure a safe experience for our clients. Our specialist team comprises professionals with a combined experience of two decades. We pride ourselves on completing projects of every size with excellent results.

We offer various property services to our clients. From attic conversions in Cork, to renovations and maintenance, our team of professionals can do anything.

We promise our clients a hassle-free and smooth experience, whether it is a renovation or construction project. So, if you want to improve your property’s structure or add value to your home, we cater to those demands.

Our Services

Attic Conversions

If you are looking for a small attic conversion or to enhance your home, our expert attic conversions Cork team is the one. Attic conversions can create extra room and beautify your property. In addition, it boosts your home’s value and has an excellent ROI.

Dormer Conversions

Expert attic conversion Cork specialists recommend dormer conversions to add valuable structure to your home’s living space. In addition, it adds volume to your home’s dimensions, making it more spacious. Get in touch with the attic conversions Cork company today to know more about it.

Hipped Roofs

Add dimension and structural integrity to your home with the help of our team.

Rear Dormer Conversion

Enhance your home experience today with beautiful dormer extensions.

Stairs Renovation

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Attic Conversions Cork – The Leading Builder of Loft Conversions in Cork

We are one of the best attic conversion Cork companies in. Whether you want a simple dormer conversion or complex staircase renovation, our services meet all homeowners’ needs. Improving the structure of your home increases its monetary value and enhances the living experience for you and your family.

Based in Cork, we aim to provide clients with top-notch service each time. Our artistry is commendable, and we use only the best material for our projects

Our team of the best attic conversion specialists consists of trained professionals who are qualified and licensed, guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time.

Are you looking for the best attic conversions services to renovate your home? Do you want to change how your home looks? Then, get in touch with us today to improve your property’s value and create the space of your dreams. For a quote, click here to book a site visit with our attic conversion specialists.

Why Choose Attic Conversions Cork?

Our team has over two decades of combined experience and provides clients with the best attic conversions Cork experience in town. Our team comprises the best architects, interior designers, electricians, plumbers, and consultants to help you get the most out of your home. For a few years, we have successfully improved the quality and value of properties.

Our team of attic conversion specialist Cork professionals prides itself on transparency. We offer you a quote, and no hidden costs arise during the process. We also strictly adhere to local building control guidelines, ensuring our clients have a smooth experience.

We offer the best attic conversions services for an affordable and bespoke experience, creating an enjoyable space for you and your family.

Our Attic Conversion Process


Discovery & Inspection

Our attic conversion best Cork company offers clients a smooth process. Upon contact, we schedule a site visit to discuss your requirements and take measurements. We also discuss the approximate cost of the project and share an estimate.

After your approval, our expert architects will inspect your home and prepare drawings. When approved, the drawings are shared with the local authorities, followed by a date when work may commence. After that, our team of scaffolders begins working on the first phase of the project.


Materials & Scaffoliding

Our experts use the best materials to work on your home’s renovation. First, the scaffolders deliver the material in bulk to your property. This is followed by creating access through your home’s roof to limit disturbance to your daily life.

After the scaffolding, our company experts install beams to form support for work. Next, our expert electricians and plumbers inspect the plumbing and wiring and make appropriate structural changes. After this, an inspector from the local authorities will inspect your home according to local laws.


Attic Conversion

The actual work follows this. Usually, at this stage, the dormers and internal walls are built, and our team of roofers begins work to insulate your property. This is followed by a re-installation of the plumbing and electrical systems.

Our best attic conversions services team will thoroughly examine your property before the finishing touches. Once it’s good to go, the plasterboards and original flooring will be put down. Any necessary alterations required will also be done at this stage.


Post-completion inspection & Sign-Off

The process can last anywhere between five to six weeks, depending on the amount of work. Then, after a thorough inspection by the local authorities and your building control officer, the paperwork will be forwarded to the local council for sign-off.

Once the legalities have been processed, your new space will be ready to use.

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