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Prompt service. Workman arrived within 2 hours of my phone call (Guildford) and fixed the drain blockage no problem!

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Amazing Service from Southern Drains. Kyle the engineer was outstanding in his help in first clearing the blockage. Competitive pricing and would definitely recommend to all around Guildford.

Your Top Rated CCTV Drain Survey Professionals in Kingston

We at Southern Drains carry out comprehensive CCTV drain surveys across Kingston that can locate faults in your drainage system. With our vastly experienced team of experts, we carry out detailed surveys using proper tools offering solutions after the root cause has been identified.

Be it a preliminary survey for a home buyer or an extensive drain repair job, with our thorough CCTV drain surveys, we are well equipped to offer effective drainage system repair and maintenance solutions.

Why is a CCTV Drain Survey Important?

Even the smallest oversight can lead to small cracks and misalignment in piping going unnoticed. With a CCTV drain survey, a camera is used to capture any faults that may exist on the insides of the pipes. A report is prepared with the faults captured in the camera so that we can reach an informed decision with the customer.

A CCTV drain survey can therefore help find faults that may otherwise be overlooked. You can carry out repairs before things get out of hand and you are forced to carry out expensive repairs.

With our streamlined operations, we are in a position to make a fair quotation to the customer in an instant. You can reach us on 0800 888 6330 for an appointment. We’ll be there to survey the earliest. We offer our services all through your town.

Which Equipment do we use?

CCTV drain surveys involve the use of these major tools in tandem.

  • Waterproof Cameras
    We possess waterproof cameras that aren’t damaged by the water inside the pipes. They are also capable of withstanding the water pressure inside them. These cameras are used to capture the faults inside the pipes.

  • Access Rods
    Robust access rods are vital for shake-free quality recordings. These rods are used to navigate the camera so that the surface of the pipes can be properly captured.

    A robust access rod is an essential requirement for a shake-free and quality recording.

  • Crawlers
    These are used to reach areas that are very difficult to access because of lack of space. They are operated with remotes and they offer a great deal of maneuverability to the camera in areas that are not reachable.

  • SONAR Unit
    A sonar unit is a resonance tool used by the military. They are a very effective way of mapping your drains so you know where the fault lies. Pulses emitted by the sonar tell where faults exist.

What is the CCTV Drainage Survey Process?

A CCTV drain survey differs from the traditional ones greatly as it doesn’t involve a lot of digging or demolitions helping you save both money and time. Here’s how it works- 

  • A CCTV camera is inserted into the drainage system using suitable tools
  • A real-time recording of the inner surface of the pipe is made to locate the faults and a report is prepared
  • A plan of action is prepared after the inspection is done 
  • Based on the report, if the customer decides to carry out the necessary repairs, our engineers get into action right away

With Southern Drains, you have a very capable team handling your CCTV drain survey. Our effective and efficient service is just a phone call away on 0800 888 6330 available all across Kingston.

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